50th Birthday Race Rundown

I used to think that 50 was really old, until I turned 40 and realized that life was only getting good and the choices I was making these days were all about what I wanted, instead of what other people expected. My friends were feeling the same way.

All my friends were turning 50 and wanted to celebrate, most didn’t want a 50th Birthday party, but wanted a get together with friends, and most of us were reasonably healthy, liked to walk, liked to have a drink, loved our city…what could we do?

The answer was right there on the Great Race website, recommended by my friend who works there, an Amazing Race event around the city or the Rocks, combined with a few drinks, an outdoor activity that gives us a chance to catch up and prove that being 50 is the new 40, what more could we want?

I wanted to be sure that all my friends and family could participate, would we need to be fit, would there be lots of running involved, would we be hit by a watermelon while trying out a giant sling? I put all these questions to the guys at Great Race, they assured me that there would be no need to head into training in the weeks prior to get into shape. Their race was all about completing the challenges as we went along; luck played a part, problem solving and route planning would all be required, good or bad. There would be something for everyone and for those that needed a social fix, we had time to pop into a few of Sydney’s most historic pubs and grab a drink along the way.  Sounded perfect!

My 50th was a hit! We seriously had the best time! Those of us that had been around for a bit got a pleasant surprise.  We all met our host at Alfred Square, and within a few minutes we knew that we were going to have a great time. Each group got their info pack and headed off around St Kilda. All the elements were there, luck, sabotage, stealth, cunning, staying power, us oldies had it all. Not only could we compete with the younger generation, but we could outrun, outlast and outplay.

This race works for everyone, all sizes and all ages. It allows those that are quiet to count, and those that are loud to lead. Everyone had a place; everyone had a laugh. I was the winner for finding the best way to celebrate a 50th birthday, even if I wasn’t the winner on the day…