5 Unique Party Venues In Melbourne

Melbourne is known as the New York to Sydney’s Los Angeles. Cosmopolitan, arty, multicultural and the home of Australia’s widest collection of small bars, Melbourne has something for everyone. Melbourne’s ever changing weather (its known for having 4 seasons in a single day) has forced a lot of its entertainment underground leading it to become a city of secret nooks and adventures. We traipse the city everyday hosting races and have compiled some of our favourite venues just for you.


We start at the top of the price range for those party-makers looking for the best cocktails and the best architecture. 1806 combines history and theatre in a heritage building decked out in plush velvet décor to bring you award winning cocktails, even previously taking out the coveted ‘Best Cocktail List in the World’. The attention to detail is surpassed by none, their ice cubes are even printed with the 1806 logo! If you want to impress, 1806 is the venue for you.

Berlin Bar

The Berlin Bar is exactly what is say’s on the label, a small bar dedicated to celebrating post-modern Berlin culture. It celebrates both East and West Berlin with plush booths on one side and wooden grenade crates on the other. It’s cocktails are fabulously names (the Charlie Chaplin being a personal favourite) and can host functions up to 100 people. This venue is perfectly suited for those offbeat groups who consider themselves avid Euro-philes.


If you are looking for nostalgia, Bartronica is your place. This bar pays homage to early video game culture with an inbuilt arcade featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat. You can choose from the free-to-play games or coin operated machines, host a function or come here with a small group and compete in some fierce tournaments. There are comfy couches to rest up on and a reasonably priced food and beverage menu.

Freddie Wimpoles

Freddie Wimpoles is a 150 seater hunter-lodge style bar located inside the historic George Hotel in St Kilda. There are 180 spirits to choose from and an American Deli style eatery that serve up in this classic pastiche of décor. It is neither low nor high end on the budget and could be the perfect backdrop to a casual celebration with a twist.

Lona Bar

Barce-LONA is the inspiration for this St Kilda casual hot spot. With Alfresco Dining on one of the largest outdoor dining areas, Lona serves up the Basque classic Pinxtos dishes (alike to Tapas). It is focused on playful dining with pink neon lights and exposed brick walls. It will bring just enough personality and fun to your event without dominating the celebrations. It’s also a pivotal part of some of our races and we regularly receive great feedback on finding this gem!

We can bring activities to a venue of your choosing to add fun and entertainment to your upcoming parties. Contact us for more details on how we can work together and make yours the best event it can be.