5 Advantages Of Team Building Events

Here at Great Race, we’re all about fun, and getting your office team together for a day of exciting and challenging events sounds exactly like that. Apart from the adventurous spirit hiding in all of us, eagerly itching to escape the monotony of the work week, there’s a huge range of benefits to team building activities. Experiencing things as a team, learning together, and failing/succeeding together solidifies the bond and encourages you to rely on each other to reach a common goal, just like in the office (See what we did there?). Below we’ve listed some great reasons to round up the squad and get outdoors.


Not like laser eyes, although that would be epic, but super powers in the sense of strengths that some of your team may have that you didn’t know about. Analytical thinking, logical problem solving ability and leadership capabilities. When you’re out of the office and away from your titles and work responsibilities, people have more freedom to express themselves and the environment of a team building activity fosters discovering and utilising everyone’s skills, encouraging them to put their best foot forward to tackle the challenges ahead of them.


Arguably of the greatest weapons in the office arsenal, communication is absolutely key during team building activities. Activities/challenges involve the right kind of pressure where people need to communicate with each other as a way of pooling resources to achieve the goal. Communicating can lead to discovering the superpowers we mention above, while allowing everyone to learn more about each other. The more you know about your team, the more easily you can work together and foster better working relationships.


Organising a team building activity adds value to your business in the eyes of your employees. It’s about showing them that you care enough about them to provide activities that will help them grow personally and professionally. Showing that you’re investing in their development gives them a stronger connection with your business which in turn increases productivity. In other words, you get what you give; invest in them, they’ll invest in you.


Want to see who’s got leadership potential? Team building exercises are far more efficient and effective when a member of the team can take charge. The key though is that they have the respect and trust of the rest of the team. As a manager or business owner, if you see a group unanimously promote a peer to a leader role, take note, as I’m sure you’re aware of the incredible benefit of having a respected leader running a team (read: cohesion and maximum results!)


We’re pretty keen on the concept and is it any wonder why? While you may not initially understand how having fun translates to higher sales in the office, understand that the wellbeing of your team and their feeling of being valued are key statistics in what makes people happy at work. Happy people means a better, more productive, more motivated and more connected business. And it all starts with everyone’s favourite f word, no not that one, FUN! Now have some.