30th Birthday Party Checklist

Your 30th birthday marks a milestone event where you can either be dreading the ‘responsibility decade’ ahead or celebrating having gotten this far (or a bit of both)! Either way, a few beers at a pub is not going to cut it for marking the occasion and gathering your loved ones together. As the Masters of Fun, we are always on hand to help make your event special and have learnt a few tricks along the way about how to have a successful and memorable Birthday. Here’s our little checklist of things to consider when choosing the right party plans to express your personality and ensure things run without a hitch.


First and foremost- FOOD! Whether your group are big drinkers or not (and if they are, food is even more important) most social events revolve around a great meal or snacks. If you are on a budget you should consider catering yourself and choosing a venue that will allow you to BYO. A picnic in the park or along the beach has a wonderful atmosphere and you can use the public facilities to cook up a big BBQ. If you are going to celebrate in someone’s home or backyard you could contact your local butcher to organise a spit (primarily for large groups) or even ask everyone to bring a plate. Or, you could learn to cook some bulk meals yourself.

If budget is not an issue or you don’t want the hassle of cooking and cleaning (honestly who likes spending their Birthday trapped in a kitchen) you could book a space at a pub or your favourite restaurant. Outside of peak seasons, many places will book a private room or area for you without a hire charge if you order from their catering packages. It is also important to consider the dietary requirements of your group so that there are options to keep everyone satisfied!


We have already mentioned venues in relation to catering but there are some other things to consider when choosing a place to hold your function. Is the venue centrally located, is there parking or can people easily taxi or public transport to and from? Is the venue of a good size? No one likes to be trying to squeeze through hoards of people to make it to the bathroom or not having anywhere to sit for the whole night. Finally, does the venue look like somewhere you want to be? The design of the venue may not bother you but whether your favourite place is your local RSL or the Sydney Opera House, the venue should suit you and your friends. You want to choose a venue that feels special to you and makes your event feel exciting.


Decorating is absolutely not necessary and if you are holding an outdoor event, can prove tricky. If you are already on the beach you already have a magnificent view that you may only want to add a few candles (in candleholders) around for when the sun has set. If you are indoors you may want to go the extra mile with table settings, matching cutlery/crockery, flowers, candles and lighting. Never underestimate the power of ceiling decorations either. Bunting and Fairy Lights are affordable hanging elements that can lift the look of your event enormously! If you are looking for design ideas- I highly recommend searching Pinterest which has a theme for every occasion.


Entertainment can come in many forms, whether it’s a great playlist or something we are very fond of- games! We believe that fun comes from keeping people engaged and bringing out the inner child. Games help groups of people unite and stop your party attendees only hanging back in their familiar circles. You can steal games from reality shows like Survivor or Masterchef and theme your whole party around completing your favourite challenges. Or you can engage us to do all the game planning for you!

We run hundreds of events each year and can take the guess work out of getting your party started. Give us a call to chat through your ideas and options and we’ll make finding your 30thBirthday entertainment, a breeze!