3 ways to make your Team Building activity a success!

  1. Know Your Audience – A diverse team is a great benefit to any company. A diverse team comes up with diverse perspectives which can be instrumental in problem solving and business progression. Failing to understand the individual needs and wants of your team members can lead to a team building activity that just doesn’t hit the right spot. For example, if you have a fun and creative team, you would love our Film Fest or Shark Tank activities that really get the innovative juices flowing. For a team that is office bound, it’s a fantastic idea to get everyone outdoors! Our Amazing Race and Survivor corporate activities are a fun way to get everyone out of the office, see each other in natural lighting, and explore your beautiful city. Our online events are a fantastic way to get your international or interstate teams together for some real-time connecting.
  2. Have a purpose – So you’ve got a team building budget but not sure how to spend it? Defining your team building purpose goes a long way to narrowing down which activity to choose. The most common reasons to get your team together include fostering social relationships, connecting with other colleagues in a non-work capacity, working together towards a common goal, or even simply just having a bit of fun with your workmates.

But let’s delve a little deeper. You want to improve productivity, problem solving and delegation. What does that look like? Do you want smaller teams coming together to workshop a problem and solution, or do you want the whole group to be involved together? Activities where your team is broken up into smaller group  include the Amazing Race and Hipster Homicide – planning, delegation, problem solving and time management are at the forefront here. Smaller groups are beneficial for developing closer interpersonal relationships within the team. Our events where it is “all in” – like our Game Show or Minute to Win It – see your staff coming together and competing all in the same room for the greater good while still being competitive in the most fun way. These events are best suited to conferences, staff development days or simply when you want something on site.

  1. Be consistent – Sure, the staff keep talking about the Christmas Party two years ago….. Well that’s because you haven’t done anything since! Consistency is key to showing your team that their well-being is a priority to your business. We’re not saying you have to go all out every time, but you can’t rely on a yearly outing to keep the team spirit alive.

Cinsistency encourages team bonding – which can help team members develop closer relationships with each other, which is critical for building a cohesive and productive team. When team members bond, they become more comfortable with each other, communicate btter, and work together more effectively. Team activities can have the effect of boosting morale by providing a break from routine, and helping team members feel valued and appreciated by their colleagues. Consistent activities can reinforce the skills of effective communication, and continue to improve alongside each other. And let’s not forget the boost to productivity – when team members feel more connected to each other, they accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Overall, consistent team building activities can help create a positive and productive work environment, foster team bonding, and improve overall team performance.