24 Times You Shouldn’t Laugh But Will

They say laughter is the best medicine, but is it? Medicine is supposed to help us when situations are grim. More often than not though, our laughter betrays us as we guffaw at the worst possible moments without knowing why, or how we’re going to explain it afterwards.

Here’s 24 times you shouldn’t laugh but definitely will.

  1. When someone farts at a funeral
  2. Farts in any situation
  3. People walking into things because they’re concentrating on their phones
  4. Someone tripping in the street
  5. Someone riding an elevator that’s forgotten to push a floor button
  6. When Grandma uses a word unaware of its sexual connotations
  7. During a wedding ceremony
  8. Parents trying to calm a toddler tantrum in the supermarket
  9. Watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on
  10. When a strangers phone has a ridiculous ringtone
  11. When your friend paid $250 for a haircut that looks atrocious
  12. When the same friend has their cat groomed in the “lion style”…and it also cost $250
  13. Your dog taking a crap on the greenest patch of grass in the street
  14. A “no smoking in the crematorium” sign
  15. When you’re in a meeting and you attach innuendo to every sentence
  16. Wardrobe Malfunctions
  17. When someone is killed in the most suspenseful part of horror movie
  18. When someone walks into a glass door
  19. Failed Guitar Swings
  20. Moments of Silence (for Remembrance)
  21. Dogs trying on shoes for the first time
  22. Testy pops
  23. Your Dad Using Google
  24. When a pigeon poops on your friend or something they care about

Laugh more, stress less. Let’s Fun.