Online Game Show

One of our most popular programs for indoor team building and conference events is Game Show and now, in this crazy world where we’ve now learnt Working From Home and Self-Isolation we’ve taken Game Show online so your team can get together virtually through Zoom and experience all the same fun.

Bringing teams together has never been more important and just as important is taking some time to have fun together, literally for everyone’s sanity!

So, get the team together (as in we’ll arrange a meeting time) and lock them all in for an hour to an hour and a half of awesome fun and laughter.


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Would I Lie To You Game Show Games Conference Breakout Activities

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 6 – 100+ participants

Location: The comfort of your own lounge room or home office. This game is online but we had to write something in this section to keep our website nice and uniformed!


Recommended Duration = 1hr but up to 1.5hrs


Game Show is a collection of challenges inspired by some of history’s most iconic television Game Shows. We’ll break your group up into teams that will then compete in a series of challenges from Game Shows like Family Feud, Wheel Of Fortune, Sale Of The Century and more.

Some challenges will require one team member to perform on behalf of the team while other challenges will see teams unite in break-out rooms to discuss a challenge. Once finished we all reconvene back in the main meeting room to go through the answers.

This event is hosted by two of our amazing leads hosts who are professional actors. They officially host the meeting and send out everything your teams will need to complete the game.

Online Game Show is suitable for all ages and only requires a minimal technological understanding. We can talk any team members through what they need to do and we also have the ability to hook up prior to help any of those you think may need a quick crash course in the application you choose to run on.


  • Family Feud
  • Wheel Of Fortune
  • Sale Of The Century
  • Show Me The Movie
  • The Amazing Race


  • Two professional actor hosts
  • Meeting Place Management
  • Hosting
  • Medals posted to the winning teams


  • Connectivity
  • Team Work
  • Fun
  • Engagement


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