Online Adventure Trivia

Remote teams, people working from home right through to international teams now have the ability to meet up virtually. Online meeting places are becoming increasingly the norm and so it was inevitable that companies like ours were going to find a way to make it fun!

For years we’ve taken a regular pub trivia, upping the ante, and created a super-fun and engaging team event that’s non-stop entertainment through our Adventure Trivia. Well, now it’s online.

We’ll arrange a meeting time to get your team together, in whatever your preferred meeting application is, split everyone into smaller teams and spend an hour doing nothing else but having fun and spending time together! The name of the game is fun but the outcome is Team Engagement.

The game and rounds themselves are cleverly designed to ensure all team members, regardless of their level of general knowledge or specialty knowledge will all have a chance to shine. Put simply, we don’t want anyone to feel dumb so participation and success is not solely based on being a ‘Trivia Gun’. This should be fun for everyone!



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 6 – 100+ participants

Location: The comfort of your own lounge room or home office. This game is online but we had to write something in this section to keep our website nice and uniformed!


Recommended Duration = 1hr but up to 1.5hrs


Adventure Trivia is typically broken up into 3-5 rounds depending on your team and desired duration. Interspersed throughout all the rounds though, are additional fun challenges that can earn teams valuable bonus points. These bonus challenges are often the likes of a gregarious performance challenge, short creative challenge or something that get participants out of their swivel chairs to race around their house to collect random objects!

The question and sound rounds are typically not based around a specific theme to ensure a specialist in any subject will not blitz the field. This keeps the game close and the bonus points that can be achieved throughout ensure every team thinks they are in with a genuine chance of winning the game.

This event is hosted by two of our leading hosts who are professional actors. They officially host the meeting and can talk through any and all technical requirements of your team. We can arrange a tutorial prior to the event for any team members who are concerned about the technical side of participating.

Teams will be head into breakout rooms to be able to chat in private to combine all their answers allowing some valuable interaction and time to focus as a team.

This game is supposed to be a fun, virtual hangout that gets your entire team together to focus purely on fun and each other.


  • General Trivia Rounds
  • Sound Round
  • Minute To Win It Inspired challenges
  • Mini-Scavenger Hunt Bonus
  • Tongue-Twister


  • Two professional actor hosts
  • Meeting Place Management
  • Hosting
  • Medals posted to the winning teams


  • Engagement
  • Fun
  • Connectivity
  • Team Work
  • Negotation


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