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6 - 100+


2 - 3  Hours

Each and everyone attending the day thought it was brilliant and had so much fun.  It is without question that we will look to use or recommend you guys (especially Samm) in any future occasions.
— Glenn H. | Birthday

What Is It?

The Amazing Race With Bars is an exciting amazing race themed activity with a couple of drink stops thrown in for good measure.

This game is less about physical competition and more about strategy and fun and is suitable for all ages and abilities so everyone from your hens, bucks, hucks or birthday party can easily enjoy the event! Yes, even Grandma!

What You Do

You'll traverse the CBD as you seek out checkpoints and complete the challenges that lay within them. It'll be up to you to decide the order that you tackle the checkpoints as you race the other teams to reach the mystery final location with the most points!

Some of the things you may encounter along the way include:

  • Eating challenges
  • Bar challenges (not drinking-based)
  • Interacting with the public
  • Creative photo challenges
  • Cryptic puzzles
  • Location based checkpoints

It's important to note that none of the checkpoints involve drinking challenges. So if there's any non-drinkers in your party, then they will not be disadvantaged in any way, nor will they find the event any less enjoyable!

Starting Locations & times

  • Sydney: Observatory Hill
  • Melbourne: Treasury Gardens
  • Brisbane: Queens Park

11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:00pm

*all times subject to availability.

If you're not in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, then simply fill out our enquiry form and let us know where you are, and we'll see what we can do!

What we provide

  • Professional Hosts (All Aussie Actors!)
  • All Checkpoint Materials
  • Event Kits
  • Water
  • Token Prizes
  • $20M Public Liability Insurance
  • Permits (if required)

when to choose the amazing race with bars

Like the amazing race, this version is perfect for a huge range of celebrations for the 18+ crowd. It's perfect as a pre-cursor to a big night out, and is great for parties wanting to have a few drinks while enjoying a unique experience at the same time!

pricing guide

Our pricing is based on a minimum event fee of $800 that covers up to 16 people. Every person thereafter is charged at a per person rate of $50. 

Charges may apply for rural events. Our games masters will outline these charges if they're required for your event. 

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