sydney Amazing Races

corporate amazing races

Time to get your workmates out of the office and into some fun? This is how.

Private group amazing races

Planning a hens or bucks? Got a birthday coming up? This is the option for you.

School group amazing races

For schools, universities, or other educational institutions - this is better than the magic school bus. 

According to us, we run the best amazing races in Sydney and all around Australia. 

As solid as that endorsement is, I guess we should probably give you a little more info. 

Corporate Groups

If you're looking to jump out of the office and into some FUN, then our amazing race offers the opportunity to explore the CBD or other areas of Sydney (just ask!) while completing an awesome range of challenges and puzzles that be customised to match your company culture goals!

Private Groups

Birthdays, hens, bucks, and hucks are perfect excuses to round up your friends and family and head out on an adventure! With options that include or exclude bars to suit your preference, you'll make lasting memories with this unforgettable experience for all ages!

Schools and University Groups

Why not organise an amazing race for your school or university? It's an awesome way to escape the classroom and learn important skills like problem solving and teamwork. 

It's also an excellent way to get to know your fellow students and form life-long friendships!