melbourne Amazing Races

corporate amazing races

Time to get your workmates out of the office and into some fun? This is how.

Private group amazing races

Are you a hen or a buck? Got a birthday coming up? This is the option for you.

SCHOOL group amazing races

For schools, universities, or other educational institutions - this is better than the magic school bus. 

Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, which means it’s perfect to feed your outdoor spirit. From the small hip alleyways and iconic sites of Melbourne City, to the sunny shores of St Kilda, Melbourne has plenty of space for fun.

You’ll be thinking outside the box to solve puzzles and challenges while making the most of what Melbourne has to offer.


Swap the office desk and attire for the great outdoors and active wear (like you wear to the local cafe on the weekend, you know who you are). Promote an active and healthy lifestyle by getting your team members blood pumping through Melbourne!

Your actions outside will develop the skills that make a good team, exceptional. Problem solving, teamwork, cooperation and perseverance. Enjoy a more energised team, that’s hungry for success and that works together.


We’ve made learning fun and we want to show you how! Be a legend in the classroom and teach your students how to get active and build lifelong social skills!

We have a variety of amazing races for school groups of all ages, and all the way through to university groups, who are looking for a fun new way to express their skills to new friends and want a challenge that doesn’t have a deadline!

melbourne BUCK’S AND HEN’S

Remember that time at Jenny’s Hens when you got really drunk, hit on the stripper and got kicked out of every bar for the next 3 hours? Oh, you don’t?

Look, strippers and an unholy amount of booze is definitely for some people, but not for all. If you want to try something different for your hens or bucks, round up your motley crew and let us take you through a journey of awesomeness around Melbourne City.

Hucking Brilliant!

What’s a hucks? It’s a really clever combination of hens and bucks that you should be super impressed with as we totally coined the phrase…I mean, we probably did, right?

Hucks parties are great at the start or end of the day’s celebrations as you can get the whole squad of shared mates together to celebrate your nuptials. Try a hens vs bucks team challenge to give you something to brag or commiserate over at the wedding!


We’re the Masters Of Fun, so if you’re looking for a team building challenge to have everyone scream YAY, Let’s FUN! Get in touch with Great Race today.