brisbane Amazing Races

Brisbane is amazing and our races are amazing, so it's not difficult math to do. Which is good, because we suck at math. 

If you want to pull your team out of the office, run your hens and bucks around the city, or make learning just that extra bit fun then our amazing races are gonna knock your socks off. 

Corporate Team Building

Grab that active wear you only wear to the local cafe and put it to the test with as you traverse parts of Brisbane city completing awesome challenges and puzzles. It provides a HUGE amount of fun, while also teaching you important skills like personality recognition and communication, team work and problem solving. 

Hens, Bucks and Hucks

Your pre-nuptial party is an opportunity to gather all your best mates and family together and celebrate! While there's the traditional hens and bucks affair, we also proudly offer the 'hucks' which is the combination of both parties to make one massive event!

Create a battles of the sexes, or just divvy up the squad into teams as you race around the city solving puzzles to find the mystery finish location!