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From $1,700


10 - 160


2 - 4 Hours

We found the team building activity absolutely amazing!!! Everyone loved it and got so much out of it!

I would strongly recommend this type of team building event for any corporate business!
— Tammy H. | Tip Top

What Is It?

Play In A Day gives teams the challenge of working with our professional Actors and Directors to produce a short play in a day…well less than a day...2 - 4 hours...but 'Play In A 2-4 Hours' didn't quite have the same ring to it.

Have some core values or certain learning objectives? This game is easily adaptable and we are able to focus on them in a really fun and unique way.

What You Do

We start the day with some simple ‘Theatre Sports’ style warm up games that break the ice and encourage individuals to let the inner child out to play.

We talk about the importance of open communication and discuss the different ways people prefer to communicate. We talk through the importance of accepting ideas and offers and discover how to stage a performance and the challenge of blocking it all out to aid the story.

Groups are encouraged to work autonomously but will have the help of our hosts who are all trained actors, comedians, directors, or all of the above! 

After practicing building a couple of really short small skits, teams will be asked to begin work on their main performance offering that they will need to perform to the group!

Event Requirements

Participants: 10 - 160

Location: Indoor venue with enough space for the whole group for a briefing and then multiple break out spaces for teams to plan and work.

Duration: 2 - 4 Hours


This is a legitimate fear but rest assured we create a very open, comfortable, pressure free environment where even the shyest person will be happy for their moment in the spotlight.

If there are one or two people in the group who feel really pushed they’ll be happy to watch.

What Does It Achieve

Your team will feel better connected, invigorated, and equiped with a new set of collaborative tools. They will utilise and better understand the importance of communication and delegation, and feel the benefits of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

Team-building skills conveyed in Play In A Day are:

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Clear communication
  • Creative & innovative thinking
  • Team cohesion
  • Encourage, support and collaboration

What we provide

  • Professional Actors and Hosts
  • Storyboards
  • Event Kit with Brief
  • Cue Cards
  • $20M Public Libility

when to choose play in a day

A hit with creatives, play in a day offers the opportunity to flex your acting skills and follow your imagination. It's perfect for teams that want to be pushed outside their comfort zones and want to enhance their quick thinking, creative, and presentation skills. 

pricing guide

Our pricing is based on a minimum event fee that covers up to 20 people. Every person thereafter is charged at a per person rate. 

Charges may apply for rural events. Our games masters will outline these charges if they're required for your event. 

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