Custom Amazing Race

corporate team building


From $1,650




1 - 4hrs

Too good guys! We all had a ball, all the participants are still talking about it as the best activity we have done to date and I agree.
— Sarah R. | The Programmed Group

What Is It?

Our custom amazing race offers you the opportunity to build your own adventure for your company's event. Want to create a challenge? Provide company-focused trivia questions, or make alterations to start and end locations?

No worries!

What You Do

This event really gives you the power to create your event from scratch or simply theme up the challenges and course to suit your team and/or outcomes. We can create challenges for you based on a brief or you can choose specific challenges from our existing checkpoint arsenal list.

Finally our Games Masters put our signature formula into the game and VOILA - your very own custom built game that you can take as much credit for as you like!

Event Requirements

Participants: 6+

Starting Location: Anywhere!

Duration: Min. 1hr

What You Can Customise

  • Choose the challenges you want to complete from our Classic Amazing Race
  • Alter these challenges to be company/industry specific
  • Incorporate your company values and/or products
  • Create a theme
  • Add checkpoints at other entertainment providers like rock climbing or karaoke
  • Re-design challenges to work towards specific outcomes like customer service, community service, or change management
  • Starting and ending locations

What Does It Achieve

The custom amazing race can be tailored to achieve whatever you like! 

What We Provide

  • Professional Hosts (All Aussie Actors)
  • All checkpoint materials
  • Event kit
  • Custom Event Design
  • Challenge List
  • Water
  • Token Prizes
  • $20M Public Liability Insurance
  • Permits (if required)

What Do You Need On The Day

Generally speaking, we have everything covered, all we need is you! This will change though depending on the customised options. A full info pack based on your specific event will be sent to you well before your event so everyone has time to prepare. 

When To Choose The Custom Amazing Race

The custom race is perfect when you want to add a special theme or achieve specific outcomes from your team-building event. 

pricing guide

Our pricing is based on a minimum event fee that covers up to 20 participants. Every participant thereafter is charged at a per person rate. 

Charges may apply for rural events. Our games masters will outline these charges if they're required for your event. 

Terms of Service