Take Some Time Out – Just For Fun

Here at Great Race most of our clients find us by searching for team building activities – we are a team building company after all. You’d imagine then the most common request for activities are for companies looking to ‘improve’ their team in some way but this is usually not the case.

Yes, we regularly see newly formed or merged teams but it’s actually more common that we see well-established teams who throughout their time together have spent a good deal of time and money on creating what is already a successful team.

The pursuit to create a successful team is the subject of endless motivational speaker’s mantras but, as far as I’m concerned, successful teams are not that uncommon, I see them all the time.

The fact they are investing in team engagement already suggests to me that there is a degree of success and the bottom line is the bottom line – those little green digits beside their name on the stock exchange aren’t just the results of a savvy CEO.

Sometimes you don’t need someone to come in and tell you how to suck eggs, all you need is to take some time out to re-connect, breathe, laugh, have fun! Take some time to celebrate success. Have some fun for fun’s sake.

I love that we can offer these type of events to teams. As a host, running events for teams who genuinely get along are the best! It’s like getting a group of great friends out to play.