Rosemeadow Public School Game Show | Race Rundown

Event: Game Show

Players: Rosemeadow Public School

Location: Wollongong

Hosts: Brett & Josh

The HeyDay Bar in Wollongong was recently graced by the presence of the awesome staff from Rosemeadow Public School, oh, and us of course :), for a super fun session of Game Show!


Within minutes, everyone was pumped up and getting into every challenge, with the physical challenges provided some particularly hilarious entertainment - looking at you Oreo challenge!

Of special noteworthiness was Matt's thrilling performance of a McAuley Caulken piece from Home Alone - WOW!

At the end of the day, it was the Blue Team that sang the victory song, congratulations!

A big thanks goes to Barbara and the whole Rosemeadow team - we absolutely love hosting you all and can't wait for the next adventure!



Time to get out of the classroom and into some fun?

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