Orla's Hens Amazing Race With Bars Sydney | Race Rundown

Event: Amazing Race With Bars

Bride-to-be: Orla

Location: The Rocks, Sydney

Host: Skyler

Orla's Hens party descended on observatory hill in a wonderful dance of 80's retro madness. The fluro costumes were absolutely amazing - there were even spare leg-warmers just in case!


The Zoo photo challenges proved a favourite, while every stop was tackled with brilliant competitiveness, banter, and plenty of use (misuse?) of the bride-to-be's treasures - particularly that swat! (ouch!)

The Fanny Packs were the winners of the day (named due to their simply spectacular sequin fanny packs), band they marked their victory with a triumphant lap around the bar!

A special thanks to Orla, Alice and all the ladies - what a great time! Congratulations and best of luck with your wedding Orla!!!


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